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Establishing a business in Finland may be challenging for a novice as there are several
different forms of business and many forms to fill in and file. Moreover, there are no general rules for determining which form of business should be chosen.

With our help you can easily determine the suitable and appropriate form of business and from there the process of forming a new business entity can take place. We can assist you in every step of the process, from the writing of Articles of Association to opening a bank account and registering with the Tax Authority. 

We offer advice on both corporate and personal taxation issues. For example most jurisdictions tax foreign corporations differently than domestic corporations. Our advice is based on local knowledge in addition to a regional and global insight. We continually stay updated of the latest developments in tax policy, legislation and administration. We also answer the questions our clients may have concerning business and contract law.

Corporate income tax is fixed rate (24,5%) but individuals are taxed at a progressive rate. Non-residents are taxed only on their income derived from Finland. 

Together with the client we recognize the potential effects taxation may have on the business and can then provide help with tax planning. We can help you avoid unnecessary conflicts or resolve already existing problems with tax authorities.

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Serving an increasing number of international customers with cross border issues

In Finland we offer wide range of financial administration services, including accounting, payroll, advisory and other supportive services. We are authorized accounting firm, which is a guarantee of professional financial administration. Read more about our services.

We use modern financial software: Procountor, Visma Nova, Lemonsoft
and Directo. In addition, we are managing the accounts of many of our customers or
payroll calculation with some other, customer-desired software. We serve
our clients in Finnish, English, Russian, Spanish, Estonian and Swedish.

If you wish us to write about a specific subject or you have questions concerning accounting, payroll or other financial administration issues, please send your questions to us to by email to contact(at) We aim to answer all questions and inquiries as soon as possible. 

For more details, Contact us.

Member of Association of Finnish Accounting Firms. Read more what it means to be authorized accounting firm.

Latest news

Leinonen and Holvi in co-operation Nov 01

Leinonen's prices for Holvi customers

Holvi is a modern digital banking solution for entrepreneurs and freelancers.
Holvi makes it easy to manage the business finances with powerful integrated tools like digital invoicing, bookkeeping preparation and auto-expensing.
The core of Holvi is a business account and the Holvi Business Mastercard attached to it. In addition, there is a comprehensive range of business tools to help you, including your own online store, advanced financial reports, and billing tool.
Information about Holvi's prices can be found here.

When you sign up to Holvi as a customer of Leinonen, you will receive a Holvi Grower or Complete account for your use for a period of three months without a monthly fee.

Leinonen's special prices for Holvi customers are:
100 € / month + VAT, start up fee 75 €

- Includes monthly accounting, up to 50 transactions per month
- includes VAT returns
-Year end closing, payroll, handling of travel and other expenses, and other additional work: 80 € / hour
- tax return 100 € / piece

125 € / month + VAT, start up fee 75 € 

- includes monthly accounting, up to 75 transactions per month
- includes VAT returns
- Year end closing, payroll, handling of travel and other expenses, and other additional work: 80 € / hour
- tax return 100 € / piece

Leinonen and Holvi welcome you as our new client!