Administration Services in Finland

On request we represent our clients before the authorities and in the case of a client not owning an office, we can provide a mail address. We also draft necessary minutes for meetings if needed. 

We help you with sales invoices and the issuance of invoices according to local rules and regulations. 

Most systems require that corporations file an annual income tax return but also VAT and other tax and refund requests that might need to be reported. It is a natural choice to request assistance from your accountant with these kinds of reporting. 

Every invoice issued by a taxable person in Finland should be made in accordance with the Value-Added Tax Act and must include particular information with which we can help you. If necessary, we can help with making changes in the Articles of Association or with filing of changes to The National Board of Patents and Registration in Finland.

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Serving an increasing number of international customers with cross border issues

In Finland we offer wide range of financial administration services, including accounting, payroll, advisory and other supportive services. We are authorized accounting firm, which is a guarantee of professional financial administration. Read more about our services.

We use modern financial software: Procountor, Visma Nova, Lemonsoft
and Directo. In addition, we are managing the accounts of many of our customers or
payroll calculation with some other, customer-desired software. We serve
our clients in Finnish, English, Russian, Spanish, Estonian and Swedish.

If you wish us to write about a specific subject or you have questions concerning accounting, payroll or other financial administration issues, please send your questions to us to by email to contact(at) We aim to answer all questions and inquiries as soon as possible. 

For more details, Contact us.

Member of Association of Finnish Accounting Firms. Read more what it means to be authorized accounting firm.

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Are you prepared for the Incomes Register from January 1, 2019? Oct 17

The national Incomes Register will be implemented on January 1, 2019. Also the use of electronic IDs will change next year.