Update your financial administration to a cloud-based solution

Electronic financial administration means automated accounting, wherein eInvoicing is the core for service. When E-invoicing is connected to a cloud-based, financial system platform, it can be utilized effectively in real time. Electronic financial administration aims for user friendliness as all financial administration functions can be imported into one platform without the need to archive all papers and invoices in piles of binders. We have chosen to use Procountor as our cloud-based eAccounting solution, and it is also used in our offices in Sweden and Norway.

eAccounting solution enables real time monitoring of your cash flow letting you to focus on important financial decisions that really matter. Adding a mobile solution to store travel and expense receipts and invoices will make handling these invoices effortless nearly everywhere in the world.

We offer these eAccounting solution for:

  • sales invoicing (eInvoices) and accounts ledger
  • handling of purchase invoices (eInvoices)
  • handling of travel and expense invoices
  • payroll services
  • accounting and reporting
  • authorities reporting

Why choosing eAccounting will benefit you? 

By updating your financial administration to a cloud-based fully integrated solution you and your company can benefit in many ways:

  • real time monitoring helps you to make right financial decisions to stay one step ahead of competition
  • all cloud-based data is at your disposal 24/7 through internet connection regardless where you are
  • enhanced processing and monitoring of sales invoices
  • automated eAccounting removes overlaps existing in traditional financial administration and speeds up data processing

To whom is electric financial administration suitable? 

All kinds of companies, from small entrepreneurs to large limited companies, will benefit from transferring to eAccounting. Minimize your paper archiving needs and focus on matters that really matter. Our experts will help you to choose right solutions for your needs. Transition is possible even in the middle of fiscal period.


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