The majority of our clients are limited liability companies, branches and foreign organizations. Our clientele also consist of private entrepreneurs and condominiums.

Limited liability Company The most common company form in Finland is an limited liability company. Limited Liability Company is a company in which shareholders are responsible for the liabilities of the company with the capital they have invested. The minimum invested capital for a limited liability company is 2500 euros. The main principals of a limited liability company are shareholders’ limited liability, shareholder equality and majority principal, boards’ obligation for caution, preservation of companies’ capital and stock reliability.

We at Leinonen offer quality consultation services, from starting a limited liability company to assisting in tax related issues. Naturally we also offer quality bookkeeping services. When you choose Leinonen as your service provider, you can be assured that your bookkeeping is done on time and precisely.

Foreign organization and -branch A foreign organization is an unit that has registered itself in Finland to report its VAT obligated sales, but does not have a fixed location in Finland. These types of organizations are not included in the trade register of Finland. On the other side, a foreign branch is a part of an foreign organization or company, which practices constant business activities from a fixed location in Finland.

Whether you are starting or have already operated under a foreign organization or - branch label in Finland, we at Leinonen are ready to help you with the challenges posed by Finnish taxation system or in questions related to starting a business. Depending on the business activities, we ensure that all necessary legal aspects are in order and that business operations can be conducted without problems. You can read more about our international services.  

Partnership  Cooperative association and limited partnership companies are considered to be a partnership. Partnership is an entity, in which at least two partners practice business activities under a contract to reach a common financial goal.

For partnerships we offer quality bookkeeping services, for example we prepare companies financial statement with care, following all legal guidelines. In addition we offer consultation services for establishing new companies, and also help in taxation and internationalization questions for existing companies.

Private entrepreneur In Finland private entrepreneur is know more familiarly as “Toiminimi” (sole trader). Private entrepreneur is the simplest company form in Finland. Private entrepreneur is not considered as an separate legal entity, but the decision making and responsibility of the enterprise belong to the entrepreneur. Private entrepreneur can be either a practitioner or a shopkeeper.

Keeping an up-to-date bookkeeping can be a heavy and time consuming responsibility for an private entrepreneur. We at Leinonen offer relief to this responsibility, by offering professional bookkeeping services in which we ensure that your bookkeeping is done properly. Additionally we offer assistance in questions about taxation and other entrepreneurship related issues.

Condominium Condominium is a special type of a limited liability company which is prescribed in Finnish condominium act. Condominium is also known as housing cooperative. The main purpose of a condominium is the up keeping of a building(s) to satisfy the living needs of shareholders.Each share of an condominium yields, either separately or together with other shares, a right to control an apartment or part of a building or property that is defined in the article of association.

For condominiums Leinonen offers reliable bookkeeping, from forming a financial statement to creating an up-to-date report of activities. As supporting services we offer auditing services, which are produced in cooperation with a partner company that is chosen from our list of reliable partners. This allows us to ensure that our client receives the best possible quality and service.


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Leinonen is closely involved in developing Finnish-Estonian and Finnish-Russian trade. Currently the competition for foreign investments in the Baltic Sea Region is tight and the Governments are trying to attract international companies in order to create jobs and guarantee tax revenues. We have noticed that an increasing number of Russian and Estonian companies are now interested in Finnish markets and wish therefore to cooperate with Leinonen. Ask for a quotation. 

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