Leinonen Finland is a part of Leinonen Group. Leinonen Group is an accountancy and advisory company with Nordic and Eastern European knowledge and experience. Our 13 offices are to be found in the capital cities of 11 countries – Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Sweden and Norway. We put emphasis on communication between our clients and personnel as well as personal service. Our intention is to give to the client the full support of large international accounting company while maintaining the personal touch of a friend who cares how your business develops.

Our Helsinki Office provides quality financial administration services in five different languages. Read more about our services.

Service languages in Finland:

  • Finnish
  • English
  • Russian
  • Estonian
  • Swedish

Establishing a company in Finland requires for an entrepreneur to plan carefully the process and have knowledge how Finnish bureaucracy works. Also different forms and applications needs to be filled out in Finnish. For an inexperienced and not Finnish speaking person, this process could prove to be confusing and time consuming. Leinonen Finland offers establishing services. Usually this is a Limited liability company “Ltd” or  “Osakeyhtiö, Oy” in Finland. We are prepared to help you fill out necessary paperwork adequately and on-time. We also make sure that entrepreneurs them self is kept up to date on how the process is progressing and we are ready to answer all the questions that might arise. Usually we offer establishing in a package deal, but we 

Establishing a corporation and a branch in Finland requires for a company to fill out a registry notification and in some cases applying for a separate permit from Finnish patent and registration office. We at Leinonen are ready to guide you in this process, and also handle all the steps of establishing a corporation and a branch. This way we ensure the authenticity of the enterprise, whether it be a corporation or a branch.

Registration into VAT and employer contribution registries is one of the most important tasks and obligations of an entrepreneur. We at Leinonen can help you with this task and ensure that all the registry notifications are done with care and fulfill the necessary information requirements. With this the entrepreneur himself does not need to worry about the application process. If the entrepreneur requests it, we offer guidance on the subject.

Support services; address service, representation service, are one of Leinonens’ key services for our international clients. We offer our international clients the option to utilize Leinonen Finland premises and address, at times when the company has business activities in Finland. Utilizing this service allows your company to do business in Finland, without having to search and establish a fixed location. This is extremely handy for enterprises that require a fixed location in Finland, but renting/buying a location or a mail box for operations would be an impractical solution.   

Understanding the bureaucracy and practices of Finland can be challenging for an international company, who has not been in previous contact with Finnish bureaucracy and practices, related to doing business in Finland. For this reason we at Leinonen offer help and guidance on this matter. In addition to offering guidance, we are ready to put all the necessary paperwork in order, so that the entrepreneur can focus on business activities.  

Permanent establishment in Finland must be established for an international company, when companies’ activities can no longer be looked as temporary. The common rule, is that business activities that have lasted more than 6 months can be considered permanent and thus require the company to have a permanent establishment. A permanent establishment should also be located in a permanent location both geographically and by time. A permanent establishment can be located in other organizations premise, when the foreign enterprise has constant access to the premise or part of it.

Forming a permanent establishment is an important step for many foreign enterprises, and should be handled with care. The services offered by Leinonen will help you with this endeavor, from starting of business activities, to closing of business activities. When you utilize our services, you can be assured that the company issues are handled in competent manner.

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Leinonen Finland - 

High Quality Accounting

Serving an increasing number of international customers with cross border issues

In Finland we offer wide range of financial administration services, including accounting, payroll, advisory and other supportive services. We are authorized accounting firm, which is a guarantee of professional financial administration. Read more about our services.

We use modern financial software: Procountor, Visma Nova, Lemonsoft
and Directo. In addition, we are managing the accounts of many of our customers or
payroll calculation with some other, customer-desired software. We serve
our clients in Finnish, English, Russian, Spanish, Estonian and Swedish.

If you wish us to write about a specific subject or you have questions concerning accounting, payroll or other financial administration issues, please send your questions to us to by email to contact(at)leinonengroup.fi. We aim to answer all questions and inquiries as soon as possible. 

For more details, Contact us.

Member of Association of Finnish Accounting Firms. Read more what it means to be authorized accounting firm.

Latest news

Leinonen and Holvi in co-operation Nov 01

Leinonen's prices for Holvi customers

Holvi is a modern digital banking solution for entrepreneurs and freelancers.
Holvi makes it easy to manage the business finances with powerful integrated tools like digital invoicing, bookkeeping preparation and auto-expensing.
The core of Holvi is a business account and the Holvi Business Mastercard attached to it. In addition, there is a comprehensive range of business tools to help you, including your own online store, advanced financial reports, and billing tool.
Information about Holvi's prices can be found here.

When you sign up to Holvi as a customer of Leinonen, you will receive a Holvi Grower or Complete account for your use for a period of three months without a monthly fee.

Leinonen's special prices for Holvi customers are:
100 € / month + VAT, start up fee 75 €

- Includes monthly accounting, up to 50 transactions per month
- includes VAT returns
-Year end closing, payroll, handling of travel and other expenses, and other additional work: 80 € / hour
- tax return 100 € / piece

125 € / month + VAT, start up fee 75 € 

- includes monthly accounting, up to 75 transactions per month
- includes VAT returns
- Year end closing, payroll, handling of travel and other expenses, and other additional work: 80 € / hour
- tax return 100 € / piece

Leinonen and Holvi welcome you as our new client!