Day-to-Day Bookkeeping

So that the cooperation with our client would progress smoothly and without problems, we have compiled instructions on how the material necessary for day-to-day bookkeeping should be dealt with. If the company is obligated for declaration quarterly or once a year, same bookkeeping rules are applied.

For every transaction a company makes, there has to be a document for it. In bookkeeping, the document is used to confirm the transaction, and it must be provided by third party i.e. bank or a sales person. Transactional events that require documents are for example; sales, purchase and finance events. From these documents the bookkeeping material is constructed.

Most common documents that are required for bookkeeping:



Statement of accounts



Sales invoice, Cash flow report, Sales journal


Purchase invoices, purchase receipt


Rental agreement, Documents received from TAX administration, security certificate

Delivering the bookkeeping material:

  • Material should be delivered as soon as possible, after the end of each month, or by agreed timetable.
  • After the end of each month, there is a period of 1 month and 12 days to leave periodic tax returns notification and pay VAT.
  • Document requirements and markings:
  1. Documents must be related to business activities.
  2. Client is personally responsible for the correctness and justification of documents.
  3. If a purchase receipt provides no clear indication on the purpose of item or service, it is a good idea to add a written clarification to it.
  4. VAT must be clearly defined in purchase receipt, so that it can be deducted in taxation.
  5.  If a purchase receipt is not paid from company account or cash, we presume it is paid with entrepreneurs’ personal equity. If there are multiple entrepreneurs, you should clarify who has made the purchase.

Address for delivering material:

  1. Leinonen Finland, Malminkaari 23 A, 00700 Helsinki.
  2. Electric material to your accountants Email: firstname.lastname(@)
  3. If you are using the Lemonsoft program, you can upload the material directly to the program, according to the contract.


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Latest news

Leinonen and Holvi in co-operation Nov 01

Leinonen's prices for Holvi customers

Holvi is a modern digital banking solution for entrepreneurs and freelancers.
Holvi makes it easy to manage the business finances with powerful integrated tools like digital invoicing, bookkeeping preparation and auto-expensing.
The core of Holvi is a business account and the Holvi Business Mastercard attached to it. In addition, there is a comprehensive range of business tools to help you, including your own online store, advanced financial reports, and billing tool.
Information about Holvi's prices can be found here.

When you sign up to Holvi as a customer of Leinonen, you will receive a Holvi Grower or Complete account for your use for a period of three months without a monthly fee.

Leinonen's special prices for Holvi customers are:
100 € / month + VAT, start up fee 75 €

- Includes monthly accounting, up to 50 transactions per month
- includes VAT returns
-Year end closing, payroll, handling of travel and other expenses, and other additional work: 80 € / hour
- tax return 100 € / piece

125 € / month + VAT, start up fee 75 € 

- includes monthly accounting, up to 75 transactions per month
- includes VAT returns
- Year end closing, payroll, handling of travel and other expenses, and other additional work: 80 € / hour
- tax return 100 € / piece

Leinonen and Holvi welcome you as our new client!