Leinonen Group companies obey the law and all concluded contracts, and co-operate with individuals and organisations that follow the same principle.


The core value of the organisation lies in professional and reliable staff who gives their best to provide high-quality service to meet different customer needs and to ensure the group’s success. Leinonen Group companies fulfil their promises to customers, employees and partners, and keep confidential any information concerning customers, partners and their companies.


Leinonen Group companies base their activities on customer needs. The Group pays special attention to the level of the services provided to customers and customer requirements.


Leinonen Group companies are always ready to develop further, and aim to enhance both customer services and in-house expertise. The applied technology is modern. At the same time, the company does not aim to work as a pioneer, and does not take unnecessary risks. Staff skills are continually improved. Independent training and enrichment is highly encouraged.


Leinonen Group companies ensure a safe working environment for staff and customers, and promote an open information exchange with colleagues and customers.


Leinonen Finland - 

High Quality Accounting

Serving an increasing number of international customers with cross border issues

In Finland we offer wide range of financial administration services, including accounting, payroll, advisory and other supportive services. We are authorized accounting firm, which is a guarantee of professional financial administration. Read more about our services.

We use modern financial software: Procountor, Visma Nova, Lemonsoft
and Directo. In addition, we are managing the accounts of many of our customers or
payroll calculation with some other, customer-desired software. We serve
our clients in Finnish, English, Russian, Spanish, Estonian and Swedish.

If you wish us to write about a specific subject or you have questions concerning accounting, payroll or other financial administration issues, please send your questions to us to by email to contact(at) We aim to answer all questions and inquiries as soon as possible. 

For more details, Contact us.

Member of Association of Finnish Accounting Firms. Read more what it means to be authorized accounting firm.

Latest news

Are you prepared for the Incomes Register from January 1, 2019? Oct 17

The national Incomes Register will be implemented on January 1, 2019. Also the use of electronic IDs will change next year.