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Leinonen Finland is a professional accounting company, which was established already in 1989, and serves local Finnish and international companies of all sizes. Leinonen Finland belongs to Leinonen Group, and currently legally operates under the name Tehotilit Oy.

Leinonen Finland has been steadily growing for the last years. Every customer is important for us, and we want to help them enter and succeed in Finland. We are able to operate with different accounting or payroll systems, like Visma Nova, Directo or Procountor, just to name few.

Free labor movement in European Union has brought many new companies and employees to Finnish markets. We are already serving large amount of Russian and Estonian customers for example in establishing a new company, or handling payroll related issues.


Leinonen Finland - 

High Quality Accounting

Serving an increasing number of international customers with cross border issues

In Finland we offer wide range of financial administration services, including accounting, payroll, advisory and other supportive services. We are authorized accounting firm, which is a guarantee of professional financial administration. Read more about our services.

Leinonen is closely involved in developing Finnish-Estonian and Finnish-Russian trade. Currently the competition for foreign investments in the Baltic Sea Region is tight and the Governments are trying to attract international companies in order to create jobs and guarantee tax revenues. We have noticed that an increasing number of Russian and Estonian companies are now interested in Finnish markets and wish therefore to cooperate with Leinonen. Ask for a quotation. 

If you wish us to write about a specific subject or you have questions concerning accounting, payroll or other financial administration issues, please send your questions to us to by email to contact(at)leinonengroup.fi. We aim to answer all questions and inquiries as soon as possible. 

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Member of Association of Finnish Accounting Firms. Read more what it means to be authorized accounting firm.